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Our family has had its fair share of trauma over the years. There have been car accidents with injury, illness and death of family, pets and friends. My daughter was robbed at knife point in the parking lot at the grocery store.

But I believe the most terrifying experience 433 mhz remote control I can remember having was a break in we had in the middle of the night when the kids were little. The second youngest girl woke up to go to the bathroom and ran right into a hooded intruder. The screams were deafening and I don’t blame the robber who sliced his or her hand on the broken window used to enter from, running with abandon to get out! Of course there were the many hours consoling terrified children and seeing them for many days later with the blank stare of fear on their faces. It could have been much worse with more experience armed intruders. We’ve all seen the movies and watched the news.

It was not long after that we hired a local company to install a very extensive security system for close to $2000. We really could not afford it at the time but I was not going to be deterred from this decision. I am not too demanding but I generally get what I want!

Since that time we have moved a few times and we have been more prepared for the protection I insist upon having. I also make sure my kids have systems installed if I have to pay for it myself. You should see the amused looks I have gotten at Christmas!

Below I give a review of what I have found to analyze security needs and make a decision on what type of system is best based on this analysis! I also suggest in my signature area what I consider to be the best place to purchase equipment. What I like about them besides the price at that they have very knowledgeable people on-call that are always available to consult with!

It is quite simple to buy cheap do it yourself self security system online to protect your home. There are numerous types of wireless home security systems that are available at affordable rates. Most systems commonly consist of window and door sensors, motion detectors, siren alerts and disruptive flashing lights. Others have ingenuous inbuilt features which enable them to automatically alert you and other pre-set individuals through the phone, when they detect suspicious activity. You can also set it up so you can monitor it while at work or out-of-town on your computer or smart phone!

One of the major benefits of wireless security systems besides the low price tag is the ease of installation. You do not require a professional contractor to install the alarm system in your home. If you are handy with a screwdriver, you are all set to install the gadget at your home. First though, you have to plan for the installation process. The major role of planning is to identify the layout of the building with a view to detecting any weaknesses.

Once you have identified the weak areas, you have an idea on where to place the wireless alarm system components. Major weak spots usually include the entry and exit points of your home. All doors and windows must be monitored and a complete floor layout scheme can be used to view other potential entryways. Working with a plan also helps in determining the specific type of sensor to be used on different areas of your home. Similarly, it allows you to pick a particular type of wireless alarm control panel, depending on the areas that are being monitored. It is advisable to go for a remote control console that can be upgraded and expanded to allow for future requirements.

Cheap wireless home security systems might come with an alarm or not. You may either choose to install an alarm or rely on the main control panel to warn you inside of suspicious movement or tampering. Using an alarm adds the benefit of warning intruders beforehand since it is normally externally visible. Ensure you place it high enough to prevent it from being tampered with.