Using Inflatables for Your Business

We’ve all seen an instance of inflatable advertising if you’ve ever seen a Macy’s day parade. While inflatables don’t have to come larger than a small business, there is definitely something eye-catching about these vinyl cover, air filled monsters. While you’re probably not looking for a giant parade balloon character to advertise your business there are a number of ways that you can bring these lightweight and durable creations to use in your industry.

With summer on the horizon and a lot of How to Defend Your Company Against High Inflation gatherings and expos ready to go full swing, it pays to have your business ready and mobile to get out there and greet potential leads. But who really wants to rent or keep a bunch of bulky tents to house your promotional dealings? And then there’s the hassle of having to transport the covers and all the metal poles and ties to any destination you have in mind… it can be a real pain!

Rather than having to deal with the conventional tent, wouldn’t it be neat to have something as simple as an inflatable dome or tent that you only needed to secure before letting an air pump do the rest? And with a sturdy vinyl cover, these tents can be used all season and beyond if they’re taken good care of. Use them at expos, fairs, anywhere that you want to set up your product and get in touch with your prospects. Any tent that you can think of, from turning logos to custom shapes can be created with a custom manufacturer.

You can also consider investing in inflatable carports or tents if you have equipment you need to keep covered. Given how much easier it is to transport, these could even be kept with the equipment itself for easy portable coverage of your high dollar machinery. It’s a great way to keep them safe from the elements without being a large hassle to set up.

Or if you intend to take your business out into the summer heat, think about having a misting station put up. These inflatables come in all shapes and sizes and offer people a cooling mist to fight the summer heat. Everyone will hurry to these misting stations if you set them up at large scale outdoor gatherings on those scorcher days. What better advertising could you ask for with your business?

There is a bunch of ways that you can help your business with the use of inflatable products. Whither it’s setting up a misting station next to your beach side barbeque or having a ready to go tent that will catch people’s eyes at expos and festivals, take advantage of these useful products!