Types of Child Care Available For Your Child

Practicality dictates that both parents in a family should work in order to support and give the best for the family especially now that the cost of living has been soaring higher than ever. Because of this the children are left at the care of other people while  DIY parents work to earn money. There are many options to choose from. Each type of child care has its own set of advantages and disadvantages which parents can take into account to choose the best child care possible. Here is a list of child-care services and their featured aspects to help you decide on which services is best suited for your family and child.

Nanny Child-care

  • Can provide an individual and exclusive attention to the child
  • The child does not need to travel, stays at home in a familiar environment where the routine does not need to change and where there is less exposure to sickness
  • Some nannies may even do some light house chores
  • Professional Nannies have relevant aptitudes and skills in childcare
  • Parents are the nanny’s direct employer so they have more say about how the child must be cared for


* May be more expensive than other child care options
* There is less chance for the child to interact socially
* Parent employer will pay for the nanny’s benefits and tax
* Should the nanny become sick, the employer will have to arrange for a substitute

Mother’s Help in Child-Care

  • Like in a nanny care, the help may give individual attention to their child
  • There is no need to travel elsewhere, stays in a familiar setting with same routine and less exposure to sickness
  • Can perform other household chores as the help generally is employed as an all-around assistant

* May not be so qualified or skillful in child care
* May still need to be supervised while the help is still not at ease with the childcare and other house duties.

Child-Care Center

  • Cheaper than nanny child care but additional fees for additional facilities may be expensive
  • If one care provider is sick, absent or on leave, the child care center will be the one to look and arrange for a substitute
  • Follows a pre-determined program of activities for the children
  • There are facilities, grounds and staff in a child care center all focused on giving the best possible care for the kids
  • The child is given an opportunity to interact with other children and old people

* Child would not receive individual or exclusive care
* more exposure to sicknesses from other people
* the child needs to travel and adjust to the new environment
* may not tolerate a child temperament and specific needs

Family Day Care

  • generally cheap
  • can provide a safe home setting where the child may receive care
  • care providers have experience in caring for their own children
  • the child may interact with just a little group of other children
  • flexible schedule