To order an umbrella, what are the starting price and the minimum? What does the price depend on?

Have you ever? Order umbrella, cheap price, good quality from umbrella factory. But the pressure did not return as he had hoped. sometimes made to order It’s cheap only the umbrella Used a few times, some broken umbrellas, some broken umbrellas, or get a good quality umbrella. But the price turned out to be extremely high. A problem that is quite difficult to solve.

Therefore, we have written this article as a guideline for those who are interested in ordering umbrellas to share at the event or those who are starting an umbrella distribution business You can order umbrellas according to your needs. with important information such as How cheap or expensive is the starting price of a custom umbrella? And how much minimum do I have to order to get a cheap price! What will there be? Let’s go see…

Why do you have to order an umbrella?

Many people wonder that Buying wholesale umbrellas and ordering umbrellas, what’s the difference? They look the same, nothing is different, but buying umbrellas wholesale is good, fast, time-saving, and the price is satisfying.

• Choose what you want.

• Choose the size you want

• Choose the color you want

• Get quality items

• Material and structure have more strength than general

• easy for ของชำร่วย

And most importantly, made-to-order umbrellas can also be ordered to print, screen, and logo as needed. can be used to promote the shop or at various events as a souvenir at the event as well

Made to order umbrella type

There are many types of umbrellas, each of which has different uses. For example, a folding umbrella is a small umbrella. can be folded which will be suitable for anyone who wants convenience You can carry an umbrella wherever you go, etc., and there are also other umbrellas. Examplesare single-part umbrellas, shop umbrellas, walking stick umbrellas, golf umbrellas, reverse umbrellas, etc.

There are 2 types of custom umbrellas, namely wholesale umbrellas, made to order. and premium umbrellas made to order Each type of umbrella made to order has its advantages. Disadvantages vary. and different prices And how are the two types of umbrellas different from each other? Let’s go see it.


Umbrella Wholesale Umbrellas are umbrellas that the factory has produced in large quantities. There are general designs, and cheap prices (but there must be a minimum order therefore get an umbrella at a cheap price) so it is suitable for those who want to start an umbrella distribution business. or resell Plus, you still get the product quickly, and you can use it right away!

The advantages of wholesale custom umbrellas

• Cheaper price: Choose standard materials. can be used normally not bad at all but will cut off the special gimmicks Umbrellas can be sold at cheap prices.

• Fast delivery: cut artwork design. and use standard equipment make the production process faster Suitable for the urgent need of umbrella But will depend on the queue of work waiting to be produced as well.

• To resell: the price will be cheaper than made-to-order umbrellas, which can be used to further increase the price. such as a dozen umbrellas, wholesale umbrellas, Sampeng umbrellas

• Quality: the quality is the same. depend on design and materials to be supplemented To be stronger

• Start selling: Suitable for people who are starting to sell umbrellas. Or earn extra income

• Use to decorate the shop: in addition to the benefits. Can also be used to decorate the shop as well.