Tips on Selecting Fine Wine Glasses

It doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute novice in the realm of wine tasting, or who has decades of experience under your wine tasting experience, it’s important to ensure you pick the correct style of wine glasses to taste wine. Though, not all are aware of it, glasses for wine vary from high-end glasses to ones which are more affordable. In the end, many different styles of glasses differ in design and quality. Some are designed specifically with a particular kind of bottle in mind and others do not key dates in wine history.

A Brief History

The oldest record of wine glasses is from 23-79A.D. At the time, Pliny wrote about how glass was the preferred material over silver and gold drinking vessels, even with prices at the same level as the expensive metals. Today some of the most ancient European wine glasses that have feet and a stem date to the 15th century. It is an enameled goblet. This is a glass which can hold more than four inches of liquid.

Over the years various fine glasses have evolved over the passage of time. But it wasn’t until the 1950’s that manufacturers began to refine their wine glasses in line with certain types of wines. Thus, they have distinct sizes and shapes due to the of the many variations.

Selecting Wine Glasses

One of the primary things to take into consideration when picking the best wine glasses is something to do with the substance from which they are made. The glasses must generally be made of a simple and transparent material to permit appreciation of the wine’s color. It is mainly to do with how the wine’s color is related to the varieties of grapes in it as well as the age of the wine.

In addition, the glasses of a fine quality must be of a suitable size. When the glass is the proper size, it gives enough room for a great tasting. Furthermore, glassware that are the right size permit a comfortable swirling , without needing to worry about spilling wine. The act of swirling is essential since it allows to let the aromas out of the wine. When it comes to wine glasses, they that are small in dimensions are not efficient for allowing enough air to the blend that is contained in the wine.

Another consideration when selecting the best wine glasses is to make sure that you select a glass that has an elongated stem. This is primarily due to how the hand of a person could alter how hot the beverage is. It can also affect the taste that the wine has. In addition, wine glasses must be able to taper towards the top. The primary reason for this is that it aids the person to enjoy the aroma of the wine more clearly.

How to Serve Wine

As we’ve mentioned many of the biggest features are related to the smell and appearance of the wine. A good rule to follow is serving red wine in bigger glasses, while champagne tastes best in smaller glasses. Particularly:

* Red wines with a strong flavor – are served with goblets wine glasses

* Light or young blanche – serve it in a a narrow mouthed glass

* White wines aged in wood serve in a slightly wider mouthed glass, yet still narrow.

* White wine served by tall stemmed stemless hock glass

  • Champagne served in a tall glasses with a slender tulip.

There isn’t a right method serving wine. Serving wine is dependent on the personal preference of each person.