Three Books That Every Person Should Have

Book one: A journal

It is amazing how helpful it would be to keep a daily journal of your thoughts, feelings and achievements in improving your life. Journaling is not only useful for self-information, but it can also help identify trends. As you see it, a journal can be a true account of your day. It can contain pictures, poems, words or all of the above book for husband.

You should record everything you do. You can think of it like you’re looking through an album of old photos. The moment you see the picture it takes you back to that memory even though you didn’t know what you were looking at before. A journal lets you see the progress you have made and allows you to look back. It allows one to reflect on lessons learned in difficult situations and allows another to use powerful tools to make your life more fulfilling. It shows you that you have the ability to cope with whatever comes your way. It allows you see that you are a better individual today because of the many different experiences in your life.

You can’t know what works and doesn’t work if there is no record. What do you think would have happened if scientists had not kept records of their research? Even if we had not kept a record of all our scientific discoveries, we’d still be using leaches to treat all diseases. Your life is as valuable as any science project.

Book two: A book to remember

A dreambook is all about your dreams. A dream book is similar to your journal. It can contain words and pictures as well as poems and articles. It is, however, a completely fictionalized version of your reality. Your dream journal should include sections about every aspect your life. These could include your relationships and health, finances, spiritual connections, philanthropy or spiritual connection. You can photo-shop your dream home into a lawn mower. Write yourself a tenmillion dollar cheque and put it in a book. Write a million-dollar check to your favorite charity. Be specific about the attributes your ideal mate would have. However, you should do this as if he/she were already there. This is a scrapbook to help you visualize your dreams.

Book Three – A Fantasy Diary

Submit “dear diary”, entries to future dates that you feel are appropriate for your dream life. Eg. (A Caribbean breeze blew into my bedroom at 8 am when I arose. I walked out onto my veranda and gazed out over the ocean, my husband/wife/lover/friend was already at the pool enjoying a breakfast of tropical fruit. I was ready and willing to go with him/her. You’ll see what I mean. Think big. When you feel the urge to quit because the fantasy seems out of reach or too wild, stop and push on. This is not your actual factual diary. It is your fantasy one. As if you were writing a novel about someone living the fantasy life, think of this as an example. The only difference between the two is that you are now the main character.