The Nature Of The Covenant

It is said that the Old Testament is a shadow but it is not the actual substance. The substance will follow. Let me provide an example: If you were to look at me now, you would be able to see my shadow through the light that is behind me; it creates shadows. The shadow is not me but the actual essence is me. If you can see the shadow, you’ll know I am following the shadow or the shadow is ahead of me. It is said that the Old Testament is a shadow of what is to come and the one to be revealed was Christ. Therefore, everything within the Old Testament should reveal Jesus Christ to us, since it is a shadow for Jesus Christ Covenant with Jesus.

Exodus 26:33-34 reads, “And you shall hang the veil from the clasps. Then you shall bring the Ark of the Testimony in there, behind the veil. The veil shall be a divider for you between the holy place and the Most Holy. You shall put the mercy-seat upon the Ark of the Testimony in the Most Holy.” The Bible calls the Ark of the Covenant, also known as the Ark of the Covenant, the Ark of the Testimony; it’s one in the same. The word “covenant” refers to a legal agreement between two individuals and is about relationships. Inside the Covenant was the Testimony. It is said that the Covenant refers to the bond between two individuals, and the Testimony within the Covenant is about the meaning that is contained in the Covenant. My wife and I were married and have a marriage contract that binds us as a couple in marriage. There is a copy this covenant at home. I could take out each day and go over it. I could even tell my wife to take a seat and read the covenant. It won’t make a lot of good, however that’s not the point the covenant is all about. This covenant concerns a relationship , and the nature of that relationship is crucial. The covenant is crucial however, it does not demand that I be a good friend or care for her. The covenant is about a bond between two individuals. The covenant in Exodus talks about is God’s relationship with man , but within covenant Covenant are the words of testimony as well as what the Covenant is about.

The Covenant is a model of Jesus or, more precisely it was the Ark of the Covenant was an example of the future. It was believed that the Ark of the Covenant was stored in what was referred to as Holy of Holies. Holy of Holies. It was said that the Holy of Holies was covered with a large veil (curtain) that was placed in front of it. Behind it was an Ark of the Covenant. The lid over the Ark of the Covenant was known as a mercy-seat. Above the angels that sat on the mercy-seat was the presence of God resided. The only person who was permitted to return to the Holy of Holies was the High Priest. This was only once per every year during the Day of Atonement. The high priest would pour the blood of an animal sacrificed on the mercy seat to atone to pay for the sins of the people of Israel. The Bible states that the day Jesus suffered on the cross, the curtain was torn in two from the top to the bottom , and it was revealed that the glory of God was revealed, the presence of God and God’s presence, and the Covenant that God made with God was opened, indicating the way to the God’s presence God has been made accessible not only to one person, but to everyone. That is, Jesus made a way for us to enter the presence of God the Father.