The Baby, The Stroller and You



A stroller is one of the most essential items that a parent should own. Strollers and prams were originally used as transport vehicles. This made it possible for parents to bring a baby or toddler along with them without the need to carry them around. Imagine trying to transport a 2-year-old through an amusement park or to keep them contained in a toy shop. If you have multiple small children to carry around, strollers can be even more useful. best stroller boards


Baby strollers can be a wonderful way to introduce your child to the outside world. According to child psychologists and child care professionals, strollers are essential for an infant’s growth. A child’s mind will develop quickly when they have the security and comfort of a padded, strapped seat.

Do you have twins or triplets? No worries. You can choose from twin baby strollers that are either side-by, or triple-decker. Side-by-side strollers offer the benefit of being able to keep an eye on all your children at once, but may not be able to fit through narrow doors or along paths as the tandem or stacked models.

You can even get a combination sit-and-stand model that allows you to place a baby in front while your older child can enjoy the rear standing board/jump seat combo.

A tandem stroller is not for twins, but can be used for a newborn or toddler.

There has been much debate about which strollers are better: front-facing models, which let the child see more, or rear facing models, which let the parent speak to their baby. Many models have seats that can be adjusted to face either direction.

You should approach choosing the right stroller to fit your child’s needs like you would when buying a car. Safety and comfort should always come first. You should choose the strongest model that you can afford. If you are planning to have more children, durability is essential. Many families are able to pass their baby strollers on to the next generation.

A jogging/bicycle stroller is a great investment if you are a regular runner. Be sure to choose carefully and make sure it has thick rubber tires and shock absorbers. These should have sturdy frames, but they should not be too heavy for you.

Travel system strollers are the best option for parents who frequently travel. They can be clipped onto a car seat. If your child is large enough to fit in a car seat, you should consider a stroller that can be folded or collapsed small enough to fit into your trunk.

No matter what kind of canopy you choose, make sure that it has a full canopy to protect your child from the elements.

It is best to try strollers in person before you buy. To make sure that you are able to use it quickly and efficiently, have the salesperson demonstrate how to set it up and take it down.