Ormus White Gold Powder Gold – The New Elixir

Alchemy has been a tradition since antiquity and continues today through the study  ormus white powder gold. Sumerians were among the first to practice alchemy. This begs questions about whether ormus (white powder gold) was used by these cultures. Alchemy, which was known as a master science, was considered in Egypt by The God Thoth. He was then referred To By the Greek nation As Hermes Tismegistus. Alchemy therefore is a Hermetic Art Of Ancient Practice.

The ultimate goal when studying alchemy involves changing the base substance of a more common, common substance into something that is rare or uncommon to the current table. This is exactly what is happening today with the creation of Ormus white and powder gold. As such, alchemy is also a process of transforming matter into Aether and/or something that is unknown.

In the middle ages, it was well documented how Alchemists sought the “Philosopher’s Stone”. Could it be possible that the Ormus white Powdergold elixir could also have been known as the “Elixirs of Life” in various cultures? Both possess the attributes of achieving a “higher spirit consciousness” or better quality of living. Ormus White gold powder and the Elixir of Life both have been found to cure many of mankind’s diseases. This is also connected to the idea that you can achieve eternal life here on earth while simultaneously bouncing back and forward with the spiritual realm. This is what Immortality looks like.

Alchemists have believed since the beginning that there is a hidden or higher reality behind all things. It brings forth a type or higher spiritual truth. This has always been the goal of spiritual alchemists. Alchemy is also known to be “The Great Work.” 

To perceive the underlying truth behind all things, it is necessary for the conscious to undergo radical change. This transformation transforms the ordinary everyday perception of reality to a higher perspective that leads to the higher truth being seen in all objects. This makes perception perfect or divine. This is what Ormus White Powder Gold was created to do.

Ormus can serve as both a material tool and a spiritual realization. Alchemists are able to work with three mentalities. Spiritual, elemental, material. The common jargon of “as above, so below” is the same as the one used above. As below, so above is the same. There are very precise correspondences among visible, invisible, material, spirit, planets and metals… White Powder Gold.

Alchemists have a deep understanding of this basic truth. While they are creating Stones & Elixirs in the lab, they also work on more subtle levels. Ormus White Powder is a fine example of the Great Work.