Keeping Roofs Leak Free – The Importance of Eaves

A roof is composed of four parts that include The main roofing, eaves the fascia board, and the gutter. A home without eaves could cause the same amount of water damage as the house with no roof. Dan’s story follows:

Dan was plagued by three leaks in his home that led to water damage each rain. Then, in the last few days of spring, Dan put a new roof over his home. He was satisfied with the investment of a few thousand dollars until the next storm.

The rooms were again flooded. Disappointed, he called his roofer to have him look over Dan’s roof. The roofer assured Dan that nothing was wrong. Then, where were the mysterious leaks coming from? Dan’s roof was without eaves. So, water flowed down through the gutter, and then oozed into the ceiling Roofer.

Eaves are extensions of the roof’s main part that extend over the house’s exterior walls. They stop water from flowing through the exterior. A piece of horizontal fascia board is typically attached to the edges of the eave to keep water from re-entering on the interior of the eave.

The gutters are attached to the edges of the fascia, and eave is used to collect the rainwater of the roofing and then channel it into pipes before transferring down to the earth. If Dan’s roof was properly eaved it wouldn’t leak.

However, eaves could be leaking if they’re not maintained properly.

AHA Has 2 Ways to Maintain Your Eave System and Keep Your Home Leak Free

  1. Keep an Eye on Clogged Gutters

Debris needs to be cleaned out from gutters every two years. It is important to remove twigs, leaves, and mud which accumulates throughout the year. Eaves that are blocked by gutters become ineffective as water flows across a blocked gutter, underneath the fascia board, and across the exterior of the home.

Ice dams can block your drains. If they do form and are not removed, they must be removed. Be careful. Even gutters that have screens on their sides must be cleaned at least at least twice per year since snow and debris may continue to accumulate in the screen.

  1. Professional Roof Inspection

The roofing issues should be left to the professionals. They are aware of the issues to look out for when looking over your roof. An annual inspection will confirm you have everything sealed solid. This will include professional gutter cleaning, which will eliminate any debris you might have missed.

Maintaining a leak-free roof is easier than you believe. Keep in mind that water should not run through your exterior walls , and if it does, it could be time to look into the eaves.

A majority of houses have them and regular maintenance will ensure they function correctly. Check your eaves regularly to ensure the security of your largest investment, your home.