Is Mongolia Worth Visiting? Reasons You Have to Visit

During the trip, you can spend 4~5 days to visit the highlights near Xilin Hot , in Left Ujumuqin Banner , in East Ujumuqin Banner . Adding 1~2 days to visit Site of Xanadu – the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Jinlianchuan Grassland in Zhenglan Banner is also popular. The driving distance between them is about 1,008 KM, which takes about 15 hours by car. Visitors having at least half a month and looking for some longer self-driving tours may travel Hulunbuir and Xilingol together. During the trip, they will also visit Arxan UNESCO Global Geopark on the way.

How to Plan a Hulunbuir Tour?

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Inner Mongolia Types of Horse Riding

Browse through our extensive North Korean group tour schedule to find a group tour that best suits you and your budget. She came to pick us up at the bus station for free, so that made things easy. Either way, just ask the bus driver or one of the passengers to let you know when to get off for the station. Dragon Bus Station is on the west end of Ulaanbaatar on “Peace Avenue.” This is Ulaanbaatar’s main avenue as it cuts the city from east to west. If you visit the capital, you’ll definitely pass along this avenue because this is where Genghis Khan square is. And after Ulaanbaatar, Karakorum is the most visited place in Mongolia. The first reason is that Karakorum is one of Mongolia’s largest attractions and it’s relatively close to the capital.

December just makes Mongolians’ happy and it is the most wonderful time of the year. Seeing the streets and malls which is already festooned with holiday finery makes more cheerful moods than normal. Celebrations start the December 31, with a dinner mostly served late in the evening. All achievements by the government of the year are listed and a toast of milk is raised by the President in his traditional Mongolian bowl, made of silver and copper. But, this year, a new President was elected, we are not sure if he follows the traditional toast of milk, as last President used to or with Champagne. 10 seconds later, every family is opening the Champagne as they enter into the New Year.

Both traffic jams and traffic accidents may occur frequently. In order to have a safe journey, they should learn about the traffic rules carefully in advance and abide them when going out. They had better find a local translator to accompany them to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

But once there, you’ll have a beautiful view of the valley, the river, and the monument itself. Although there are tours and special vans that go from Ulaanbaatar to Karakorum, you don’t need to pay the extra cost for them.