Human Resources Professionals Are Cultural Custodians For Their Companies

This definition is a good start for understanding corporate culture. Corporations are more specific. Corporations are more focused in that their goal is production. That is to say, corporations are focused on the profitable creation and distribution of products and services. Achieving these goals has specific implications for the meaning of culture in the context of a corporation.

For a corporate culture, a few more software de rrhh specific behaviors are central. Some of the more important are:

  • Teamwork. Business is not an area that supports simple individual contribution. Business depends the coordinated effective cooperation between individuals to accomplish the productive or service objectives that determine revenue and profitability.
  • Quality. Productive enterprises cannot simply go through the motions. A business must meet standards. The best businesses foster attitudes and norms that continually improve the performance of the business. We all know quality when we see it. However, teaching a team, the individuals, the divisions, and the groups to effectively recognize and improve quality is challenging.
  • Cost and revenue management. These areas are central to business success and great businesses have their associates and management team thoroughly tuned into this area. The company works on suggestion processes, skills development, purchase management and a range of behaviors to improve this area.
  • Customer service and satisfaction. Great companies place tremendous emphasis on the effective and brilliant delivery of products and services to their customers. They are concerned about time of delivery. Interaction of all sorts with the customer are considered critically important. Great businesses look at person to person communication, the quality of all written material, and the clarity and attractiveness of visual items. Courtesy, promptness, and responsiveness are front and center.

A great business develops a culture that focuses the culture on these items. Depending on the company other items may prove useful to the culture. For example the attitude of the crews is a major part of the cultural success of Southwest Airlines. At 3M, innovations drives the company.

Great human resources professionals identify, define, and cause the human capital effort to deliver an ever improving cultural impact.

Peggy McKee is the owner and chief recruiter for PHC Consulting, a recruiting firm providing top sales talent, sales management, marketing and service / support personnel to some of the top growth companies in the medical and laboratory products industry for over 9 years!

Our client companies provide capital equipment and reagents for the clinical laboratories or research laboratories, equipment and consumables that aid the physician/clinician in diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic information, software that provides the workflow improvements that have unending positive impact on the patient, physician and the laboratory professional and a number of service offerings in the medical arena (for example: laboratory service, imaging etc).