How to Write SEO-Friendly Content (2022 Guide)

Writing for SEO purposes is more challenging than regular writing. Your goal isn’t only to impress the readers with quality articles. You must also satisfy Google’s algorithms to help pull the website higher on the search engine ranking page. From technical SEO to article quality, here’s your 2022 Guide on how to create SEO-friendly content. 

Use appropriate keywords

The first step in writing content is to use the right keywords. Your goal is to optimize these keywords. When people type them on search engines, you want your website to be on top. The keywords must be of appropriate length. They can’t be too long, or no one will use them for the search. They can’t be too short, either. The competition will be too tough to overcome. You may use keyword search software to help determine what to optimize. 

Capture search intent

It’s not enough to know what keyword to use. You must also identify user intent. Why are the users typing the keywords? What are they looking for? If you understand the intent, you will create articles suitable to what they want to see. Sometimes, it can be confusing. You should capture the essence of the online search before writing appropriate content. 

Update old content 

You don’t have to write from scratch all the time. If you consider the tips from Pittsburgh SEO experts, they will tell you it’s also crucial to update old content. You know the content appeals to many people, and it raked tons of views in the past. Updating it has the potential of achieving the same milestones. Make the most of it by adding useful information. 

Write the best ideas in the first few paragraphs

SEO writing isn’t like creative writing or writing for magazines. People who wish to get information online don’t do it for leisure. They want to know specific information and would like to find what they’re looking for immediately. Hence, your best ideas should be in the first few paragraphs. You can’t throw them towards the end. Some people only have a few minutes to spare, and you must capture their attention right away. Otherwise, they will leave the website. 

Use small paragraphs and simple words 

Again, people are too busy to analyze the content and determine what you mean. You’re not writing a novel where it’s about the use of figures of speech or complex sentences. You want to keep things simple for quick understanding. Hence, it pays to divide the article into smaller paragraphs. Use simple words and have a conversational tone. Talk to the readers directly and make them feel that you have what they’re looking for. 

Take your time to go through the articles before posting them. You can’t afford mistakes when writing for this purpose. You might turn off potential customers. Once your content is ready, you must work with a Pittsburgh website design company. The content must look good on the website. Navigating the page shouldn’t be difficult, either. You will rank higher on Google if you do everything correctly. 


Learn from your mistakes and keep on improving your content writing skills. Let experts like Pittsburgh SEO help you and provide suggestions to do better. Don’t be frustrated if the results are slow. Everything takes time, but you will feel satisfied with the popularity of your business.