How to Shape Eyebrows 3 Tips For Perfect Eyebrows in 2021

Don’t try to go over it with more wax, let it heal before waxing again. 100% pure aloe vera gel, and Neosporin are great tricks to use throughout the day until the burn is gone. Avoid wearing, but do use sun protection to reduce pigmentation.

Define the arch (the brow’s highest point, just beyond the iris as you look ahead) by yanking a few hairs beneath it. “The most common mistake I see is people taking too much off the ends,” says Streicher. Eyebrows that fall short look tadpole-y, and they age our faces, since the ends thin as we get older, she says. “The tiny brush helps fill in any sparse areas where my microblading is fading and holds them into place. I can do my brows in less than a minute with this must-have product.” There is definitely an art to enhancing your brows with makeup, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll achieve perfection every time. Soare suggests using an ombré effect to fill in your brows will help you get the most natural look.

That being said, it’s not always easy to tend to your brows at home between bookings. Check out our line of award-winning brow products and salon-quality brushes and tools. Then enter the world of color and check out Anastasia Beverly Hills’ newest products. If you prefer thinner, more arched brows, you can make that happen,too. “Strong brows need to have shape and separation,” says Beverly Hills-based eyebrow groomer Kristie Streicher.

Plus, it’s buildable, so you can customize your look to be as natural or bold as you’d like. “If your eyebrows are curly, it helps you make them look more groomed and it helps you go longer between professional shapings,” he adds. “Trimming just tidies them up.” Additionally, once you learn how to trim your brows correctly, the hairs will lie down flat better and cover up any gaps you may have. Whether you prefer a brow pencil, powder, or gel, McQuarrie says, “your brows are typically darker than the hair on your head.” Match accordingly for the best results. Anyone who’s looked back on high school photos can tell you that eyebrow grooming completely changes your look. Most of us have graduated from the thin, tadpole brows of ’90s past, but even if you’ve achieved Brooke Shields-level perfect eyebrows, you probably don’t get there without a lot of work.

“Taking weight from the front will actually make the ends appear thicker,” says New York City-based brow expert Eliza Petrescu. “Your brows will be instantly more natural-looking.” Lightly fill in with a brow pencil, concentrating color on the sparser tails.

The Brushed-Up Brow

She suggests achieving as close to your desired shape as you can naturally, and sharpening the outer edges of your brows with a few hair-like pencil strokes. Make sure to remove all the makeup from your eyebrows, as the skin underneath can become flakey and irritated if left with caked on products. Also, when you moisturize don’t skip around the eyebrows, lightly apply some of your moisturizer in the eyebrow area to keep the skin underneath happy. After you’ve trimmed your brows to your liking, you’ll want them to hold in place all day.

How to Calm Down Angry Brows

“Next, using a thin pencil, outline and fill in your brows to exactly how you’d like them to look. Read more about threading here. You’re essentially mapping out a guide for the shape you want,” says Becker.

Aside from the fear of ending up with uneven — or worse, overplucked — eyebrows, keeping up with eyebrow shaping and grooming can be straight up annoying. Trimming your eyebrows at home can be a nerve-wracking experience for those of us who have accidentally cut off too much in the past. However, with the right tools and some step-by-step guidance, we’re confident that you can master this skill. Ahead, an expert weighs in with her top tips for trimming your brows safely every time. Once you’ve gathered everything you’ll need, pencil in some time to pluck when you won’t feel rushed.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Use damp cotton rounds you’ve stored in the fridge as a cold compress post tweezing. An ultra-fine pencil will leave you with the most natural look. Your brow arch should be about two-thirds of the way out from the beginning of your brow, or aligned with your outer iris.

“Take a mirror you can prop up and tweeze near a window with even lighting on your face,” he says. “Natural lighting helps ensure you get a glimpse of every stray hair.” If you want to go to the pros, you can book a brow service or visit a Benefit Boutique. But for those just getting started on their brow-shaping journey and want to take things into their own hands, Soare and Bailey share some of their pro tips.