How to Plan Your Own Estate Sale

The prices are set, and shoppers do not have to place competitive bids on items. An estate sale also differs from a garage sale in two more significant ways.

Be sure doors and windows remain locked and closed before the sale begins to keep people out of the house and protect your items from being stolen or damaged. Set up a cash table and plenty of visible signage so buyers know where they can make purchases. If you have sales assistants, have them all wear the same shirt or vest so they’re easy to identify. Be sure to have a proper float of bills and change before you start. Many items will have a low resale value, but even small items can have an impact.

Mulberry Realty Estate Sale

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You can also use the The American Society of Estate Liquidators website to search for registered pros in your area. Be sure to search the company’s history with the Better Business Bureau for any potential red flags.

Estate sale companies charge money for their time, expertise, and service. Knowing how to set up your estate sale requires much more time and effort than holding a garage sale or yard sale. This is why people hire professional estate sale companies in the first place. A good estate sale company has expertise in pricing and appraisal. This means they have knack for pricing items at the sweet spot between getting the most for its value and encouraging estate sale shoppers to actually buy it. Proper appraising skills come with years of experience and are best handled by a professional, rather than trying to look it up on eBay, pricing it at sticker value, or worse — winging it.

When they’re ready to purchase, buyers find the person holding the estate sale and pay for the items. It’s also important to note that many estate sales fall during the week. “The majority of sales are posted on a Tuesday and occur on a Thursday,” Cook explains. She recommends checking out the preview photos or searching online for the address to learn more about the house to determine whether the sale is worth your time. “If the house is good and you have done your research, go in with a plan of attack and bring a large tote for small miscellaneous items and a tape measure.” Most people have too much stuff, and gradually, they get rid of old possessions to make room for the new, perhaps by donating them to a charity or holding a garage sale. But what about getting rid of a whole house full of items all at once?