How to Make Casting Director Workshops Work For You

For actors, to be forged in movie and television roles, you really want casting directors to realize and consider you in order that they may call you in for auditions. Postcards are a value-effective manner to keep in touch with them. Here are 5 motives why sending postcard mailings are a top notch advertising device to casting administrators:

1. Postcards are cheaper to send than headshots.

Right now, it costs about a dollar to ship out a complete 8×10 headshot along with your resume and cowl letter. A postcard stamp is handiest 28 Casting pour les AGENCES DE MODELISME POUR FEMMES cents. Plus, it charges much less to get postcards duplicated than headshots.

That method, all things taken into consideration, you could hit casting directors 3 more instances with a postcard for the same amount of money you pay for a headshot. Postcards provide you with a extraordinary bang to your advertising buck.

2. Casting Director see your picture right away with a postcard.

When you send out your postcards, your name and face are in the casting director’s office, crossing their table the very subsequent day. A headshot needs to be opened and brought out of the envelope before someone sees your image and credits. That is ideal, too, due to the fact they could maintain it on record. But it is greater steeply-priced and that they won’t see it as at once.

One postcard in the proper place at the proper time might be all it takes for the casting director to call you in for an audition. You is probably amazed at how proper some of their recollections are when they’ve visible your postcard a few times.

Three. A Photo Postcard keeps your message brief, candy, and to the point.

Work in the acting businesscomes and goes. You may have a few wonderful gigs in a row, then not anything. Instead of seeking to pad out a letter with interesting information, postcards let you highlight the only or quality bits of information to permit the casting administrators understand about proper now.

Also, in case you don’t have as many credits as a few, a postcard mailing helps you to make the maximum of the ones which are in your resume. Since you do not have room on the postcard to write your whole life tale, you could pick out the only juiciest, most attractive factor about you.

4. Lots greater humans can see your image postcard.

In addition to the casting directors themselves, many different enterprise humans skip thru their places of work and can see your postcard mendacity round. It may also seize the attention of a casting assistant, who frequently cross directly to emerge as casting administrators themselves. So after they see your postcard, they’ll begin to get to understand you early in their career.

The factor is that you never recognize who would possibly see your postcard and begin to become familiar with you or even might also have a role that you could be perfect for.

5. More common marketing with less effort.

Here’s a touch business statistic that will help you apprehend the significance of advertising and marketing your self over the years. It takes a mean of five to seven contacts with a person earlier than they may do enterprise. And this is if they may be remembering you with each touch.

It is also 5 instances less difficult to get a person who already is aware of you to do enterprise with you again than it’s far to get someone new to do commercial enterprise with you. In Hollywood, it is more like ten or twenty instances simpler to get someone to do commercial enterprise with you after they recognise you as opposed to not knowing you. That’s why it’s crucial to get the directors to recognize you.


When it involves advertising and marketing to casting administrators, you need to preserve getting your face in front of them in case you want to get calls – and this means EVEN when you have an agent and EVEN if you don’t. Your agent is never going to contact as many casting administrators as you need to reach in a given month. And yes, sometimes casting directors will call you at once for auditions. So preserve advertising and marketing your self to casting administrators, whether you have got an agent or not.

When you send your picture to the casting director numerous instances over a period of time, they may be more likely to recollect you and more likely to call you in for an audition and rent you. And if a casting director has hired you, it is critical that you keep in touch with them. It could be a ways less difficult to get them to hire you again than to get a brand new casting director to rent you for the first actual time.

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