How to Get More YouTube Views

The first step in getting more views is to create video content that is relevant to your

audience. This can be done by using the cards feature or adding end screens (video

thumbnails) to your videos.

Using YouTube’s auto-suggest is another way to find keywords that are popular with

your audience. Using these keywords will help your videos rank higher in search

results and be suggested to more viewers.


Promote Your Videos

When it comes to promoting your videos, consistency is key. By consistently

uploading SEO-rich content to YouTube, you can get rewarded with higher visibility

in search results. Start by doing some keyword research to determine what searches

are popular in your niche, and incorporate those keywords into the titles,

descriptions and tags of your video. Use free tools like Google Keyword Planner,

which can be found in your YouTube account under “Analytics.”


Create attention-grabbing thumbnails that evoke curiosity and excitement. For

example, the TwoSetViolin YouTube video below uses a striking image that

communicates suspense and intrigue, without resorting to clickbait.

Make sure the video title is an exact match for your target keyword. Also make sure

the description and video tags are a perfect match for your target keyword. Tagging

your videos with keywords shows YouTube that your video’s topic matches the

searched keyword, so it can recommend your content to a wider audience. Tags also

play an important role in YouTube’s ranking algorithm.


Optimize Your Videos for SEO

Just like focusing on keywords in written content, optimizing your YouTube videos for

SEO can help you boost your visibility. Start by using a keyword tool, such as Ahrefs

or Google Ads Keyword Planner, to identify the most popular search terms

associated with your video topic.

Once you’ve identified a few key phrases, use them in your video title and

description. Try to include them early in the title to make sure viewers who search

for those words will find your video.


YouTube also takes into account the length of time people spend watching your

video when ranking it. Boost your video’s rank by encouraging engagement through

the use of YouTube cards and other features that prompt users to watch more of

your content.


Optimize Your Video for Social Media

Video content isn’t just for YouTube — you can use it on Facebook, Instagram, and

even LinkedIn. When your videos are optimized for social media, they’ll have a

better chance of being discovered by a larger audience.


Start with a strong title and an eye-catching custom thumbnail that conveys what

your video is about or piques interest. These elements are the only things that will

represent your video in social feeds, so it’s important to put in the effort to create a

good custom thumbnail and a descriptive and keyword-rich title.


Encourage your viewers to interact with your videos by including a call to action at

the end of each video. This could be something as simple as asking them to

subscribe, comment, or hit the bell! Make sure your calls to action are relevant and

aligned with the goals you set for your campaign. If you do, YouTube will recognize

your content and reward you with more recommendations.


Optimize Your Video for Google

Just like optimizing your written content for SEO, video optimization is also a critical

part of maximizing YouTube views. Video SEO involves including keywords in your

video title, description and tags, as well as ensuring that your videos have relevant

audio and text to help search engine bots index the content correctly.


When it comes to video titles, the best practice is to include your keyword within a

natural-sounding title that clearly describes what the video is about. It is also helpful

to include a keyword in the description, as well as using long-tail keywords that are

relevant to your audience’s search intent.For more info, do visit this websitetopsmm.


Using end screen cards to encourage viewers to keep watching your video or head

over to your website is another great way to boost YouTube views. These can be

anything from poll cards, where viewers can vote on a question, to video or playlist

cards that link to other videos that might be useful for the viewer.