Businesses Are Seeing Big Opportunities in Mobile Web

Your customers are online on the mobile internet – are they you?

Today, there isn’t much that can be done from a desktop computer. It’s easy to transport your lap top from one place to another. Smart phones are often in and out of your pockets. If people have some spare time in a given day, they’ll search online to find a product that interests them, a recommendation, and a comparison.

According to International Telecommunications Union (2010), worldwide mobile subscriptions exceeded 5 Billion. Businesses have many challenges and potential opportunities due to the growing use of mobile web technology handyvertrag mit handay.

Is your website compatible on a mobile device?

This is important. Make sure your webmaster has checked that your site is optimized for mobile and smart phone access. While you may not be able to test every device on the market, you can at least ensure that the site appears clean and provides the most important information. You should keep in mind details such as iPhones running Flash, iPods and iPads that are not running Flash.

Your business can now have mobile CRM

There are an increasing number of mobile web and CRM apps that can be used on smartphones, each offering different functionality. iPhones have always been second to Blackberry and other business-oriented devices like the Blackberry. Apple has however released a number of CRM applications that target different business segments like MyCRM (SalesNOW Mobile CRM), and Sales CRM Ezi.

Mobile CRM is fast becoming a vital tool for sales professionals. However, its benefits don’t end at sales. It helps streamline many aspects, including business. In an era when most meetings, pitches, core business and other activities are done remotely, on-site or from home, it is a great way to streamline business.

Mobile platforms with full transactional capabilities

The entire world of eCommerce embraces fully transactional mobile platforms. Nextnation’s Venda, mBlox and Venda are among the leading developers who have launched platforms that enable mobile web usability. The objective is to allow mobile users to interact with and make transactions using multi-media content.

It allows customers to search, choose, order (pay), and follow up from their phone all from their smartphone. Customers expect this level in mobility, so any eCommerce business who does not offer it quickly will be left behind.

Japan’s developers have taken mobility to more bizarre and unexplored areas than one might expect. Numerous innovations have been created by Japan’s fascination with vending machine technology. These include vending machine that act as smart phones with screens that show product that customers touch to place an order, and machines where customers use their PDA, iPad, or smartphone to make a purchase.

Mobile advertising continues on a high note

The mobile advertising sector is still fiercely contested. Google bought AdMob in 2012, which put them in a strong place. It now handles around 2 million requests per day. But there are many others like Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple that want to be part of this pie. According to industry projections mobile web advertising is expected to be worth $13.5 trillion by 2013.

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