Big Brother 7 – Episode 4: Whip Cream, Slop, Power, Evictions

Kaysar and Erika’s relationship has began to blossom.. As friends for now. But as Erika admits she has a thing for him. Kaysar as dominant as he appears, isn’t making dominant actions and chooses to move after Diane and Nakomis, a small alliance that was already hit difficult when Alison become evicted the week earlier than. Instead of putting off Mike Boogie and Dr. Will – who think he is week and does not deserve to be in the residence, he makes a deal with them to take out the “floaters.” Is he bargaining with the devil? Its appears as the Dr. Has been SmartWhips running the reverse psychology…

During the meals venture, where the houseguests were informed that the alternative for PB and J turned into now SLOP- two teams had been formed and had to choose up plastic rats from a trove in their new meals slop. The losers would not be allowed to devour something but the slop for the next week. Nakomis fumbled right off the bat by using grabbing her bandanna in her mouth as opposed to a rat which ended up costing her team the game.

Mike Boogies birthday inside the Big Brother House became celebrated in style with the help of Will. Erika’s legs had been used as a cake and whipping creme because the medium to put in writing Happy Birthday on. Howie additionally located an amazing use for the party hats. It seems as although Erika is the maximum vulnerable and sexy woman inside the house! Janelle Marcellas and James had been whining and sour because they had to eat the slop even as the others enjoyed Boogies Birthday.

In the POV opposition- Nakomis, Diane and Kaysar, were joined by way of Will, Erika and James even as Chicken George changed into the host. The winner of the project turned into Erika. Will she use the Veto to keep one of the girls?