5 Reasons to Rent a Bouncy House For Your Child’s Winter Birthday

It’s official. Inflatable party rentals took the world by storm. You’re right, this is not a new phenomenon. Space walks or bounce houses as they are now known have been around for many years. Technology has improved and changed in the inflatable sector, as it does with all industries. Inflatable party rentals can be found in all shapes. Recently, I was able to see an inflatable zip line at a tradeshow. Despite all the success of the industry, it often seems unfair that only those children who were born during the summer months can use them. Here are five good reasons to rent an inflatable bounce house this winter bounce house for birthday party.

1) Many companies offer winter discounts since winter is the offseason for our industry. It is worth renting a bouncehouse for winter months to get the best discounts. Although you won’t see any discounts on their websites, calling the company and asking them for information will lead to some kind of deal. Party rental companies tend to be small businesses that will do their best to keep customers satisfied.

2) I agree with you that water slides are not suitable for most of the country. However, most party rental companies offer inflatable dry slides. These dry slides can be enjoyed by guests for hours just like their summer buddies. Dry slides, however, are not as dangerous as water slides.

Children love to bounce and it doesn’t matter what season it may be. Jumping burns calories. It also keeps children warm. The vinyl can get cold due to the fact that the bouncehouses are heated with blowers. If your children have extra socks, they should be able stay warm for many hours.

Children with winter birthdays often get tired being ripped off, especially when their birthday falls on Christmas. It is often believed that children who have birthdays around Christmas receive fewer gifts. Renting a bouncehouse for your child is a great idea to show them how special they really are.

5) It is more difficult for winter-wearing children to get enough exercise because it is cold outside. A bounce house is a fun and easy way for children to get their exercise while having a blast. They won’t even know that they’re exercising.